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A POS for the Modern Restauranteur

  • Enhance staff operations
  • Vector (1)Increase ticket size by 30%
  • Vector (1)Use data to drive customer loyalty
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Barpay’s contactless Order + Pay platform enhances your operations, increases your revenue, and collects data to build customer loyalty–all while giving your guests a delightful dining experience.

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Enhanced Operations

Give your staff an extra tool to cover as many tables as possible, while still giving guests a premium dining experience. With staffing becoming increasingly difficult, Barpay is the perfect solution to enhancing your operations.

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Increase Revenue

On average, guests are likely to spend 30% more when ordering from a table-side digital order + pay platform. Images and descriptions of each item can help upsell your customers. Additionally, when customers control their orders, there are never any sales lost waiting for a server's attention.

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Customer Loyalty

Barpay never forces a guest to create an account or leave any contact information, but does give the guest an option to leave an email address for receipts and future marketing. Use Barpay to create custom marketing campaigns based on your guests' ordering history, and build a loyal customer base.

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The New Standard for Onboarding

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Learn how Barpay can Improve your Business

Not Seeing your Venue type?

Barpay works with airports, food trucks, golf courses, bowling alleys, and more. Let us help you configure the perfect system for your venue.

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For Guests

An empowered experience for your customers.

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Product Features

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POS Integration

Want to keep everything under one report? No problem. Want to keep Barpay sales separate from your POS? No problem Whether you want integration or not, Barpay can be configured to fit your needs.

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QR Code Enabled

Your floor plan is mapped and embedded in your QR codes, so guests don't have to guess where they are seated. Orders are fired directly to the bar and/or kitchen via printer or KDS.

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Order Governor

Worried about your kitchen or bar getting backed up during peak hours? Barpay allows you to control how many order tickets print per minute to streamline your operations while notifying and managing guest expectations.

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Menu Scheduling

Display items and automatically update prices depending on day and time. No need to be constantly changing the menu, just set it and forget it. One more thing - your dedicated account manager will upload all of your menus for you.

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Text Alerts

Notify customers exactly when and where their order is ready for pickup via text message. A great option for bars that don't want to hire a wait staff for their tables, or owners that want to partner with neighboring restaurants to earn a little extra dough (not the type you use in pizza).

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WiFi Capable

Don’t have any ports, or trying to setup a satellite bar? No problem. Barpay printers can connect to the internet via WiFi if you don’t want the hassle of running wires. And if you don't want printers at all, the Barpay KDS can be accessed on any tablet, computer, or smartphone.